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Dear visitors, Welcome to our website dedicated to kennel "Prospe Fortu" on breeding dogs of Bichon Frise.

Here you will find interesting and, I hope, useful information: about responsible practices breeding puppies of this remarkable breed, adherence to strict standards for growing puppies. If necessary, we will be happy to offer advice or do what one can to help, to answer any questions on the breed.

It is impossible not to fall in love with the fluffy snow-white balls when you first set eyes on a Bichon Frise! It is difficult not to be charmed by cuddly looking dogs! Almost ten years ago, it happened to me when I am forever in love with this unique breed of dog. They are smart and intelligent, friendly, easily learn something new and always do it with pleasure. Vigor of understanding, certain alertness, and obedience, ability to learn to search and bring things are only some positive traits of the Bichon Frise. They are easy to learn and eager to please their owners!

So lovely to watch the dog that always has a cheerful expression, no matter what it is busy. The Bichon Frise is one of the most affectionate of dog breeds. This is a great breed of dog for therapy. Delightful creatures can relieve stress after a busy day. They do it better than anyone does! The Bichon Frise is called the good companions and this is true. They are happy spending time with their owners. They crave human companionship and maybe even need it more than any other breed.

Thanks to their positive learning ability, sustainable nature of the character, tenderness and sensitivity, they are becoming more popular all over the world to help people with hearing impairments. Veterinarians recommend having a dog breed Bichon Frise with hip dysplasia, knee dysplasia, and eye problems. Playful, active behaviour Bichon Frise easily meet in ordinary urban setting, given the small size and short legs of the dog. However, despite the small size is a strong slender dog, capable to achieve high results.


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Our dogs

Abattisa Nuole white Angel Navajo (Batti)

Born: 12.07.2010 It is highly intelligent and independent dog. Batti is simply impossible to trigger on any reckless scheme.

Anzhelika z Rozy Vetrov (Tuta)

Born: 01.01.2012 Tuta is charming creature with gentle character and good manners. It is fully give itself to the owners, with every doing of prove that they always rely on it.

Prospe Fortu Angitia (Giti)

Born: 13.07.2012 It is champion of Latvia. Budding genius! Gitti was bred in our kennel. It collected all only the best quality, typical of the Bichon Frise.

Our children

Brood "L"

Born: 18.11.2017 Father Absolutely Best Whitemantra Mother Prospe Fortu Angitia Ikon ♂