Bichon Frises Need Grooming. The general condition of your dog's skin and coat are good indicators of its health. Daily cleaning with a brush is without fail. This influences the luster and texture of your dog's coat. To keep the coat free of mats and tangles; it needs to be brushed regularly. The dog does not shed hair its coat grows constantly like human hair and groomed by a professional every six to eight weeks. For regular grooming, you may need professional cosmetics and special tools. To cleanse the ears using the powder - it helps to grab the hairs that grow in the direction of the ear canal.

Removing hair from ears will help prevent ear infections, but it is not necessary to do it yourself, if you are not properly prepared, it can make a professional groomer or veterinarian. The next step is to remove dirt from the ear canal. Clean only that part which you see. Tangles on the coat delete before bathing. You have to be convinced that coat is easily combed. Otherwise, tangles constricted to the skin, after coat dries, they will be very difficult to be removed and probably it is necessary to shave your dog. There are special aids that help with the coat-care like moisturizing spray of the Aloe.

The dog's coat combs with comb with few deep teeth, also use the slicker brush. Dried-up coat is not recommended to clean, because it can be broken. After combing, the dog is ready to give a bath. The first bath is a general cleaning from dirt and dust. You need to use the aids recommended for professional care. These are shampoos for white coat, enriched with proteins. Second bath is a need for a dog. You can use the conditioner with a pleasant and not irritating smell, which promotes better brushing your pet, and will keep the coat in wet condition.

After the bath, put a dog on a table or a steady surface. To begin combing with a neck, along a back to the basis of a tail and back - against hair, thus to dry with a hair dryer (not hot air), directing a current of air on roots of hair. Scissors direct slightly to cut off rough, disobedient hairs, which are standing out from the general background. Then go to the paws and clean coat in the same way as the back (on hair against hair), cut off rough hairs. Head of a dog cut so that it looked ideally round, using Curved Grooming Scissors.

The area of ears has hair cut shortly in a shape of ear skin (ears have to be 'adjusted" to the head). If round ears there are a lot of dense wool, it is necessary with thinning scissors to straighten with scissors area to keep a round shape of the head.

Cut off any hair with special care, which stands in front of the eyes and nose (comb the hair before dog's eyes). All the time it is necessary to take care of eyes, to wipe tears, to watch that hairs did not get and did not irritate eyes. For paws, it is necessary to use once a week balm. To grease with it small pillows of paws to make them soft, to prevent dryness, formation of cracks, which can be formed because of weather conditions.

Bichon Frise have tendency to an allergy, especially during the spring and summer period. Therefore do not forget to check dog's coat regularly and to provide appropriate leaving, probably, if necessary using healing cream on the combed places.